Gallo Tech has specialized for several years in the production of external and inner rearview mirrors for mini-car usage.

Our technical staff is able to project the mirror that best fits the design of the car on which to be mounted.

Than the mathematics suitable to achieve the molds which will produce the various components of the rear-view mirror (foot, cup, dial, knob etc ..) will be studied.

Our injection molding machines will then be able to print the above components which may be assembled with the actuator (manual or electric) and the mirror (standard or anti-defrosting) to obtain the complete rear-view mirror in its package .

Currently Gallo tech produces a side outdor model (No.1501) and a central inner one (No.1502) mounted on cars with small size.

It also produces a side outdoor model suitable for small size vans (No.1503)

It is possible to also request only the spare parts only, as the mirror assembled on the plastic support (plaque) for the replacement of broken mirrors (No.1504)